How to Obtain a General Contractor License In The State of Florida

How to Obtain a General Contractor License In The State of Florida


Congratulations on making the smart decision to pursue a career as a general contractor in Florida.   Your job entails supervising as well as carrying out various construction projects. To engage in this line of work, you are required to obtain a license as a general contractor. Watching this video will walk you through the various stages of getting ready for the trip.


First, let’s talk about what a general contractor does. A general contractor manages construction projects from start to finish. This involves working with subcontractors, following building codes, and completing projects on schedule and within budget. The process for obtaining a license is identical for both residential and commercial general contractors.


Step 1:

In order to be eligible to submit an application for a general contractor’s license in the state of Florida, you are required to fulfil specific prerequisites that will help you obtain the appropriate abilities. These qualifications consist of the following:


  • Experience: You need four or more years of experience in the construction industry. You should have documents like employment records, contracts, or others to prove this experience.

  • Financially Responsible: Be prepared to provide credit reports and financial statements that show you are financially responsible.


Step 2:

Finish License-Prep Education Next, finish education before getting licensed to have a good understanding of construction practices and regulations. Florida mandates that individuals aiming to become general contractors complete a 14-hour course on financial responsibility and a 16-hour course on business practices provided by authorized providers.


Next, pass the certification exam that evaluates your understanding of construction techniques, codes, and business practices. To increase your likelihood of success, be sure to study hard and think about taking practice tests. Use the preparation materials and resources given by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) to prepare yourself for the exam.


Step 3:

After you have achieved success in both your education and your examination, you should submit your application for a general contractor’s license. Include all documents that are required, including proof of experience and proof that you are financially responsible. Make sure to pay the relevant application fee before submitting your application. This is a requirement.


Step 4:

Obtain Insurance: The state of Florida requires general contractors to have liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Get the appropriate insurance, and include proof of coverage with your application.


With dedication and hard work, anyone in Florida can obtain a general contractor’s license. Qualifications, necessary coursework, passing the exam, and submitting a comprehensive application are all requirements for earning a license. The rewards in the construction industry can be significant, though the journey may require some patience.


You should start working toward your Florida general contractor’s license now that you know the steps involved. If you’re intent on working as a general contractor, you can’t skip on these crucial measures. Roll up your sleeves, put in the effort, and soon you’ll be supervising construction projects as a licensed general contractor in the beautiful state of Florida.